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Need for Driver Training

Daily, around three thousand people die on the roads around the world.

Pakistan’s contribution is more than its share. Roads in Pakistan pose great risks to the road users. The hostile driving environment with a developing but inadequate road infrastructure within the cities, intercity highways and motorways- results in thousands of fatal accidents every year. Pakistan’s fatality rate per ten thousand vehicles stands at about eighteen times the comparable rate for the safest countries in the world. Road condition and vehicle fitness also contribute but it is an established fact that most of the accidents are caused as a result of human error. Inadequate knowledge, skills and attitude of Pakistan's drivers as well as pedestrians are the key factor making the roads unsafe.

Organizations can do little to improve the driving environment. But they can do a lot by improving management of their road transport operations and driver training. It is imperative to train and equip the driver with positive attitude, tolerant behavior, advance observation, accurate maneuvering and safe techniques which help in making roads safer.

This explains Consult & Train’s emphasis on high quality driving training to reduce the number of accidents. We are proud of the fact that we have contributed directly towards saving hundreds of lives in Pakistan.

Consult & Train’s Commitment to Road Safety

Consult & Train is committed to raise awareness of the human and economic cost of road related injuries. In road safety, we owe a mandate to minimize deaths, injuries and environmental damage caused by motor vehicles.

Our guiding principles towards road safety are:

  • Inculcation of sense of responsibility in all road users
  • Improvement in road safety through consultation, quality training and cooperation with other organizations
  • Integration of the driver, vehicle, and the environmental conditions for effective solution to road safety problems

We help our clients to get best possible performance from road transport by customized consultation for fleet management through improvement of driving and vehicle standards, advanced driving training, risk-based and standardized screening of drivers, in-cab coaching and providing systems to organizations to manage the drivers and driving.

Our Expertise

Over a period of time we have gained the training expertise of technical operation and defensive driving of almost all categories of vehicles used on public roads and specialized commercial operations. Our customized courses are designed to incorporate specific client requirements but retain the essential standard contents for effective and focused results. The course contents are regularly updated with newer, better and safer concepts in advance driving from around the globe.

Our experienced and internationally certified trainers are role models of defensive driving skills and techniques. They teach safe driving habits and attitudes by personal example through in cab coaching and demonstration drives.

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